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Theater: 'How to Play, That Is the Question'

Behind the Scenes with The Royal Players' Guild at the Dairy Center on March 27th, 2019, 4 PM

The Royal Players’ Guild is no cookie-cutter theater troop. No, no, no. It’s visionary!

On March 27th, you are invited to join the Royal Players’ Guild at 4 PM, just a few hours before the premiere of their comedy. Seven Revels is a revelatory peak into their rebellious yet reverent way of contribution to society at large, piloting right here in Boulder, CO and planning on overtaking four other cities over the next few years. More details about the play can be accessed here. The ambitious project undertaken by the Guild goes way beyond putting plays together: the troop was founded to combine entertainment and education while bringing the entire community into the fold of its creativity. This is an opportunity to hear them map out how they envision bringing communities together across the nations by devising mutually beneficial models for sustainable and exciting local communities engaging brilliant reflections and action on universal themes.

Part of the Guild at rehearsal: Sarah Halpern, Ensemble Player/Katherine ~ Erin Thibodaux, Artistic Director/Joan ~ Amanda Greening, Creative Director/Elizabeth. Photo credit: Nigel Knutzen, Executive Director/Thomas

Come get to know this troop of daring minds and ask all your questions in this unique behind-the-scenes one-time event!

We kept this event donation based to honor the Dairy Center's culture and audiences. Please contribute within your means and generously if you can so we can grow this platform. The Wild Visionaries' dream is to be able to offer a streaming opportunity to follow our events live from anywhere in the world! Your support is vital and appreciated…

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The comedy's premiere will start at the Carsen Theater at 7pm. You can join the Guild's facebook page here.

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