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The Story of Sarah and Abraham, Revisited

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

An interview with Sarah Parienti, playwright of a show that will retell the story of Sarah and Abraham with a modern twist

Wild Visionaries: Thank you for accepting to talk about your show on the platform.

Sarah Parienti: Thank you for inviting me!

Can you describe your project in a few words for our audience?

Would you say that the show is spiritual?

I like to call it creative. It’s for everybody, not just for ‘conscious people.’ Everything in life is already spiritual. I’d say it’s a meaningful show.

Can you explain the biblical origins of the story of Sarah and Abraham in a few words, and your interpretation of it?

In the Bible, Sarah gets pregnant at the age of 89. She spends her entire life up until then suffering from not being able to bear children, in a tribe and at a time in which, as soon as women are able to become pregnant, their primary function becomes to give birth and be a mother, both to their own mother as well as to their own children. So she becomes enslaved to her own thinking and to the conditioning imposed by her society. She doesn’t know anything else, so she believes that’s her path. She becomes so attached to healing her condition, to fixing it, which is an enslavement of the ego. It is only through the continuing disappointment of not being able to give birth, which is ultimately followed by the death of her longing to be a mother, that she is finally able to heal her illusion. As life causes her to go deep into the lack of that ability and to experience the continuing disappointment of not having it, she finally releases her attachment to the longing of being a mother, and her own old projection of suffering from not having that longing met. It is then that she experiences the miracle of pregnancy, which finds its explanation in quantum physics. Her pregnancy and motherhood results from reaching oneness with Source, feeling her own self and being the mother of her own tribe.

Would you say that she heals through letting go?

It’s deeper than letting go. She heals through an organic process: she gives up and comes to be more present, both to herself and more largely speaking. When we focus on negative emotions, we are not in the present, we are in the fear of the future or somewhere in the past. But God, or our life force, is in the present. Sarah’s inner goddess is in the present. It’s her being back into presence, in her body, which makes it possible for her to become pregnant and to eventually give birth.

Can you tell us a bit about your own creation process?

It was a long birthing process. The inspiration for the show came to me two years ago. I was in a place where I didn’t know where I was going to go next in my life. I had no direction at all, no goal. All I knew was that I had this huge knowledge about higher knowledge and healing science.

Around that time, I started to feel the characters of Sarah and Abraham in my body and my energy field. It felt like they were bringing me back to life, that I was no longer alone. They were living within me. It was the best feeling ever. Everything in the project started matching all of my inner needs: for community, for creating my own family. To do a show like this, I have had to build with others, to assemble a team. It’s also a chance for me to stand on my own two feet, and to create a sustainable life in every way. And it comes through a clear purpose to bring oneness to a world that so needs to be united. Beyond anything, faith is what the story is all about, even though other themes will be addressed as well, of course.

Would you like to tell us a bit about these other themes?

Absolutely! For example, togetherness between man and woman: A lot of people talk about going against the patriarchy, and think about man and woman in terms of conflict. I support this women’s movement, and yet, I am aware that it can also be aggressive. On some level, it’s creating the same thing that happened with patriarchy, and the movement is just inverting the tendency. The show’s message is, clearly and loudly, to bring back a balance between the two. Men and women are different and have different needs, so what? Let’s work together. In bringing oneness, we bring balance.

Can you describe to us what it feels to feel these characters in your very body and energetic field? It's not a very common experience...

This is the best experience I have had so far. It’s multidimensional. I became increasingly aware of my physical body as well as of every other level of consciousness. I really feel that, by giving me this purpose, the characters were bringing me back to life, to my body, to my grounding. They brought me into alignment with my values, my depth as well as my superficial side of me, and with my integrity. It happened in many steps: first, the vision and the characters coming into my body. Then, an incubation process began. I went back to my healing school, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which unlocked a lot of energy. As I made more room, more creativity was able to come in and flow out of me. The characters found more space to transmit the messages I was to write. That process helped give birth to the project and develop it into a show of 1 hour and 54 minute complete with stage design, music, the characters, and casting. All the details just came out. Following that, a 43-talk series also came to me, bringing additional information about each scene in order to take the audience into a deeper level.

What values matter to you?

What really matters to me is the togetherness, love and, above anything else, faith. I used to root myself in my culture of origin and I no longer want to do that. Now, my roots are in myself. I went through major challenges and suffering and when I remembered that I had the possibility to drop it and give it to God and be present instead, that everything is good, I entered a space where I was able to tap into that faith. And it was a great liberation for me because, behind it, stands the life force that we all seek. Being present brings all the answers we are seeking: ultimate safety and a love that is beyond words. Sarah and Abraham teach us about all of this.

Right now, where are you at on the show and how are you thinking about sharing it with the public?

My natural tendency is to have a plan, to structure everything before I start a project. But I’ve learned from experience that when we put this kind of pressure on any project, nothing comes out of it. I’m practicing waiting actively, listening and waiting. The content is ready: the show itself as well as the 43-part talk series which is organized into a chronological map for self-liberation. I am going to start looking for venues in Colorado and New York. If France becomes ready, then I will show it in France [where Sarah is from]. Ideally, I would like to go on a speaking tour as the show launches and continue giving the talks while the show is going on.

Are you at a juncture where you are looking for sponsors and partnerships then?

I would love to have a solid business partner who is good at finances, marketing, public relations and investing, because that part of the production is not my thing.

Exciting! Well, good luck! I hope this helps spread the word.

Thank you so much!

Further info about Sarah and the show at wildvisionaries@gmail.com

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