About the Series

Welcome onto our wild nomadic adventure. Wild Visionaries is here to locate inspiring projects in their budding or transition stages and bring them to the larger public's attention. Wild Visionaries is committed to supporting humans in being who they are and pursuing their dreams by following what makes them unique because... none of us is replaceable.


The interviews capture the visions behind the projects, catching innovators as they take flight to higher landscapes.

Topics vary widely, from cutting-edge entrepreneurship, to conscious movie production, to visionary law, the arts, rethinking academia, health and wellness, shamanism, nature, and more. 


The visions developed by the project founders strive for thriving global societies and are already reshaping the world, and show us how much wisdom and power we have within ourselves to rethink the world and foster vibrant communities everywhere. 


Aurelie Roy

Founder & Creative Executive Director

Current location:  Boulder, CO

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